The Three “Ps” of Franchise Marketing Program Adoption Success

Death by committee. You know you have thought it. Presenting new marketing solutions to your franchise board of fervently independent owners takes a certain finesse, not to mention bravery. You’ve done your research and know that your solution will drive meaningful results across your franchisees. Make your pitch perfect by concentrating on the three “Ps” of franchise marketing program adoption success. 


Create a compelling case for adopting a new software by focusing on what matters most to franchisees. 

Focus on Time 

Time-strapped franchisees already have enough on their plate, but with martech automation, high quality advertising doesn’t have to take all day nor cost an arm and a leg. By embracing best-in-class marketing tools, franchisors can provide their franchisees a cost-effective and time-efficient solution to activate local audiences, increase ad visibility, and drive more conversions. Additionally, make sure your solution includes intuitive tools that allow any franchisee, regardless of experience, to launch professionally-built ads for their stores in minutes. 

Focus on Their Needs

42% of small and franchise businesses report having open positions they cannot fill. In addition to recruiting needs, the customer experience is evolving to be more digital and omnichannel with increased demand for e-commerce paths. To address both needs, supply a solution that permits franchisees to use their local voice without risk of errors or dilution of brand standards. Easy to publish, collaborative social advertising allows franchisees to launch recruitment ads in less than 5 minutes. Store ads can use objectives that align with differing consumer purchase paths, including in-store visits, curbside, delivery, or e-commerce. 


Focus on Education

Franchisees are not marketers, they’re business owners who often work extra, extra overtime, sometimes to the tune of 80-hour work weeks. Be sure your martech solution provides a simple, time-efficient onboarding experience. By offering a user-friendly advertising solution, franchisees will feel heard and seen by you, which in turn will help strengthen your relationship with your partner and increase their satisfaction with you. 

It’s important that you give your franchisees a long-term services and support option after their initial onboarding training ends. An easily accessible customer service platform with one-on-one support and content on how to use your brand’s marketing tools allows you to support your partners from a distance to help them make the most out of your digital marketing tools and collateral. What’s more, a post-onboarding support team is another way for you to increase partner satisfaction. 

Focus on Fairness

Franchisees are, at heart, independent business owners. While you may require them to pay into an advertising fund, you’ve likely heard the standard complaints regarding this rule. These independent owners don’t have a huge budget to play around with when it comes to advertising that doesn’t directly impact their store(s). Bottom line, neither you nor your franchisees want to waste money. If you want to see successful adoption of your marketing program from your franchisees, you have to make it worth their while. A collaborative advertising approach would enable your brand to empower your franchisees with the necessary marketing tools to make the most out of both parties’ marketing dollars. 

The Payoff

Make sure you can show how your franchise solution makes every marketing dollar count with hyper-local targeting and intelligent insights. Individual marketing budgets are too small to afford bad marketing spends. With a local-level reporting dashboard, franchisees can see exactly how their campaigns are performing and provide them with insight into how to best delegate their ad spend in the future. When franchisees are left in the dark and are unaware of what is working, they will most likely waste ad spend, which underserves everyone. 

With Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™,  independent owners will see the value of your partnership with a highly-efficient and effective social strategy and tools that leverage the power of their franchise location as a national brand.

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