The Low Cost, Insanely Easy Way to Get Results with Facebook Advertising

If you’re a small business owner, you’re busy. Really busy. In addition to running a business, you can probably be found trying to also run HR, marketing, sales, finance, operations and dealing with every imaginable administrative task.

That’s why, when social media exploded on the scene, many small business owners were slow to adopt. Once they finally did, they often went with a “if I build it, they will come” approach, creating a page for their business and leaving it at that. And while you can share content and engage your fans using a business page, it’s simply not sufficient for promoting business in a big way. Not only is it time consuming to create interesting, engaging content, you must also then remember to reply (in a timely fashion) to anyone who responds. More importantly, content posting alone limits potential reach, with only 2.6% of Fans seeing page posts at any given time (, 2015).

In today’s world, businesses that aren’t leveraging social advertising are missing out. Everyday, 1.87 billion (that’s right, billion with a B) people access Facebook, but if you aren’t letting them know you’re there, they won’t know it.

That said, running ads on Facebook does require a fair bit of skill and even more time to get it right. Sure, you can create your own ads, but creating, managing and A/B testing social ads takes a ton of time, as well as design and copywriting skills you may not have. The chances of getting a good return on your investment are depressingly slim.

Instead, why not leave it to professionals who specialize social advertising for small and local businesses just like yours. Companies – like those that are our partners – are very comfortable working with companies that have small budgets and can provide solutions to ensure your ads are driving real business results. They use images that are amazing, copy that is compelling and target the audience that will convert! Then, they can A/B test different iterations of your ad to make improvements over time to make sure your budget is always being spent effectively.

If you think they can’t achieve great results with your small budget, you might be surprised. One of the great advantages of advertising on Facebook is the ability to target effectively, which allows you to spend a little and get a lot in return. Here are some great examples of small businesses just like yours who worked with a 3rd party to launch some incredible campaigns with outstanding results:

Success Story #1

A spa based in Delaware worked with their media agency to run a social campaign on Facebook for a 6-week period. They spent $250 in total and received 268 total leads – that’s just $.93 per lead!

Success Story #2

Another small business customer ran an ad offering a coupon to their audience that said, “Spend $100 and get $40 off.” It was the holidays, so the timing was great. The ad ran for a mere 2 weeks with a budget of just $300. From that small amount, they generated over 2,600 transactions and over $185,000 in sales!

Success Story #3

In a 3rd example, a small vineyard needed to get rid of some surplus stock they had on hand. With just $200 spent on Facebook ads, they received 700 clicks to their website and made $7,000 in revenue.

Now of course, no one can guarantee results like this with every campaign. However, these examples show how great things can happen with small budgets. All you need is the right partner!

Want to learn more about our amazing partners? Drop us a line and we’ll hook you up!

The Low Cost, Insanely Easy Way to Get Results with Facebook Advertising

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