Social Advertising: How SMBs are Fueling the Growth in Online Advertising

Capturing and converting customers through online presence and social media marketing efforts is a critical part of any local small business marketing plan. Resellers must go beyond the basics of social advertising, providing customers with cost-effective direct response campaigns that drive leads, to deliver the high-value measurable return-on-investment (ROI) that small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers expect from other online media.

Social has quickly become a potent, metric-driven direct response lead generation channel, allowing SMB advertisers to realize higher ROIs on social advertising than through search and directory advertising alone. Recent data show performance metrics for social advertising are meeting and even beating traditional offline and online direct response ad channels.

As social platforms become an increasingly critical tool for media resellers seeking to grow ad revenue dollars and margins, there are areas where the technology is still unfolding. For example, at present, most enterprise social media platforms focus on providing scalable presence and reputation management solutions but don’t integrate social ad campaigns. This leaves a critical gap in the lead generation channel.

In this BIA/Kelsey sponsored research report, we examine the state of social advertising campaigns and how platforms that automate ad campaign creation and optimization at scale can enable resellers to deliver cost-effective direct response social ad campaigns. We explore if significant investments in social ad technology makes the emerging channel comparable in scope to traditional online channels, such as display and search.

We’ll also discuss Tiger Pistol’s SMB social advertising platform and examine the ROI on its data-driven lead generation approach to evaluate the value to SMB advertisers. We also provide insights and background on how the social media explosion of the past decade has created a new direct response ad channel, as well as how integrated social marketing solutions are solving the challenge resellers face in delivering SMB customers end-to-end presence, reputation and lead generation tools that drive conversions while reducing account churn.

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Social Advertising: How SMBs are Fueling the Growth in Online Advertising

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