Supercharge Facebook ads for your small land local business customers

Budget Optimization

Maximize ad spend efficiency in real-time.

Automated A/B Testing

Improve performace and ROI through automated ad variant testing.

Dynamic Image Library

Proven high engagement images with over 400 industries profiled.

Real-time Machine-learning

Data automation from across tens of thousands of campaigns.

Tiger Pistol Platform

Open API

Integrate directly with business infrastructure, for increased efficiency and seamless customer experience.

Full Suite of Facebook Ads

All relevant ad types and placements.

Easy Onboarding

Streamlined Facebook page creation, permissioning, ad account and pixel creation.


Automated pixel inclusion, CRM database integration, and creation of custom and lookalike audiences.

And a dedicated team continually improving our ad platform, building to Facebook's roadmap.

Tiger Pistol Solutions

Purpose-built so our clients could grow their digital marketing solutions and revenues, we tailor our offering to integrate with your business infrastructure and product mix. From a purely automated API driven solution, through to managed service options complemented by our team of social experts, Tiger Pistol delivers the platform you need to dominate Facebook and Instagram advertising at scale.

API only

Tiger Pistol Platform API
Use Tiger Pistol automation for best practice Facebook Ads while you manage customers from your environment.

Perfect for: DSPs, self serve CRMs and marketing automation platforms.

API + Platform

Tiger Pistol Platform API
Empower your team with Tiger Pistol's Facebook Ads platform. Efficiently optimize and manage best practice ads for your customers.

Perfect for: organizations providing products to end customers they manage in-house.

API + Platform +
Managed Service

Tiger Pistol Platform API
Completely outsource your Facebook Ads product offering to Tiger Pistol.

Perfect for: organizations during pilot phase or who lack in-house capability.

Full Breadth of Facebook
Ad Formats & Objectives.

  • Lead ads
  • Local Awareness
  • Clicks to Website
  • Website conversions
  • Page post engagement
  • Offer claims

Premium Partner Support

Tiger Pistol Partner Support.jpg

More than just a technology platform, Tiger Pistol partners with your business. We provide sales training and guidance on SMB product, pricing and service models, and ‘go to market’ decisions.

Facebook insights. As a Facebook Marketing Partner we experience high levels of engagement with Facebook in our partner relationships.

Social for SMB Sales training. Sales tools, training sessions and behind the scenes support.

Positioning and pricing. We help with positioning social ads as part of your product mix, share of customer wallet spend versus other SEM and direct channels.


Powerful ad campaigns. Built for scale.

Our data-driven approach to campaign creation and optimization is leading the market. Purpose-built to meet your needs, automated to minimize costs, and optimized to maximize effectiveness.

Tiger Pistol Social Advertising Features iPad Image

Analyzes data across
thousands of customers
and campaigns.
Optimizes campaigns,
content, and performance
by industry vertical.
Provides seamless
end-to-end tools for easy
set-up and reporting.
(API available)

"SMB's are becoming more sophisticated...The question has now become: How does social media work together with my other media and my business model ?"

– Steve Marshall, Director of Research - BIA/Kelsey

Social is huge. We do social. Problem solved.

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