Is Your Social Advertising Plan Thinking Small Enough?

Three Paid Social Engagement Models that Drive Localization and Personalization

Collaborative Advertising addresses the crucial need to connect a brand’s capabilities and creative assets with their channel partners. When brands and their channel partners collaborate in advertising, they realize results greater than either could achieve on their own.

You’ll learn: 

  •    How to activate the modern shopper
  •    How to collaborate with your channel partners
  •    How to enable and empower your partners with powerful advertising tools

Collaborative social advertising typically takes the form of one or more of three models, but in each, you see the benefit to both parties, the brand and the local partner. While the brand is central to driving collaborative advertising execution, the partner may perform some role in advertising management, or they may just serve as the channel or destination for brand-level execution. 

This eBook breaks down each model so you can better determine which one (or more than one) is right for your brand.


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