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Your partners need the power of social advertising to drive customer engagement and sales, but often lack the know-how, tools, and time to maximize performance. Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform for Health & Beauty™ can help.

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Become THE Partner

Tiger Pistol provides an advertising solution that helps your team become more than a product they buy. Your brand becomes a vital part of your partner’s business and growth. 

Collaborate Without Losing Control of Your Brand

Putting your brand’s messaging in the hands of local partners may seem risky at first, but with Tiger Pistol’s brand-safe tools, you are always assured your brand remains consistent & compliant across every campaign. Tiger Pistol powers collaboration between your brand and your local partners through brand-controls that enable or restrict every aspect of the local campaign, including copy, creative, and targeting that partners can personalize or simply promote.

Partners Increase Market Share With Brand Quality Advertising

Become a part of the conversation. Tiger Pistol’s tools enable brands and their partners to better reach their target audiences by leveraging data-driven insights to personalize and deliver a more engaging consumer experience. Pinpoint your target audience and serve them personalized ads when they need to see them most.

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Completed and Launched In Under 5 Minutes

Tiger Pistol facilitates safe collaboration between your brand and your channel partners. Client onboarding is critical to the success of campaigns, that’s why Tiger Pistol has made a simple, effortless solution so your partners feel supported by their brand, making your social advertising program a must. Plus, partners can connect their Facebook Business Pages in less than 5 minutes through the Tiger Pistol platform.

Insights at Every Level

Tiger Pistol offers brand and partner level dashboards leaving no one in the dark on what they’re achieving. Tiger Pistol’s local-level reporting dashboards shed light on campaign performance for your brand and your partners. Use data-driven insights to connect with your target audiences and make customers’ experiences more meaningful.

Fully Integrate Your Standing Systems

Tiger Pistol supports full integration of client’s current systems into their own.

  • SSO access support
  • Securely share first party data with your partners
  • API enabled for coupon integration
  • Sync your YEXT or Uberall account for listings-powered social advertising

Product Sales Through Supporting Salon Bookings

L’Oréal Professionnel sought to empower their network of independent salons with supplier-funded social campaigns that reactivated and modernized salon partners through collaborating on booking-focused digital advertising. The brand leveraged Tiger Pistol’s platform to run Facebook and Instagram campaigns sponsored by participating salons’ Facebook Business Pages, in turn, L’Oreal saw a 20% increase in sales.

Insight-Fueled Pharmaceutical Sales

In order to continue to grow market share for key health and beauty products, Sanofi saw an opportunity to leverage local social campaigns placed through the local pharmacies where their products are sold. The brand wanted to get more rooftop-level analytics and a deeper understanding of how its customers interact with its independent pharmacy network.

Through the Tiger Pistol Platform, Sanofi invited local pharmacies to participate in a collaborative advertising program by simply connecting their local Facebook Page. The Sanofi marketing team then deployed localized campaigns featuring the pharmacy and the Sanofi product offer. Ads pointed consumers directly to their nearest pharmacy and shared more information about the Sanofi product. Sanofi was able to see the performance of each pharmacy and understand where demand was highest vs. areas where they needed to gain more ground. Additionally, they saw massive advertising savings, realizing a 70% lower CPM than national campaigns.

Boosting Clinics Bookings

A global clinical skincare brand wanted to drive product sales through its decentralized network of clinics across the United States. Tiger Pistol’s collaborative advertising platform enabled the brand to promote its products through clinic bookings with Lead Generation ads achieving a 200% higher lead acquisition

Balancing Compliance and Collaboration for Highly Regulated Products

A Fortune 500 medical brand needed a way to promote a surgical procedure requiring a specific medical device that was inclusive of both the device brand and their physician network. Enter collaborative social advertising, Tiger Pistol designed a social program for the company that worked across all stakeholders. The social program enabled for highly relevant, and actionable, consumer facing content published through physicians while also providing an innovative way for the sales team to start conversations and for the physicians to leverage their expertise in driving business for themselves. The click-through rate on these local ads was 320% higher than the industry average. 


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Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.