National-to-Local Social Advertising Flexibility

Food & Beverage

Tiger Pistol enables food and beverage brands to empower their channel partners, increase traffic, and drive on- and off-premise sales.

If your business is a franchise or mix of corporate-owned and franchise locations, please also see our Franchise Social Advertising Solutions.

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Brand-Compliant, Paid Social Advertising Management

On-brand, every time, Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™ pairs your brand’s recognizable creative assets with dynamically localized messaging, directing consumers to your closest local point of sale. 

At Tiger Pistol, we are solely focused with connecting the power of your brand with the knowledge and credibility of your local partners through location-level social advertising.

A Game-changing Competitive Advantage

Distinguish your brand among your channel partners with direct-response social advertising campaigns customized to each location. Whether run from your brand’s corporate Facebook Business Page or your partner’s Facebook Business Page, your campaigns will scale efficiently, perform consistently, and, most importantly, have value in the eyes of your partners.

Brand Controls for Every Level of Customization

Tiger Pistol’s templated publishing workflow lets brand and agency teams design campaign concepts that automatically localize and deploy to the appropriate partners while maintaining brand integrity at global scale. These templates enable flexibility, ranging from complete brand control with dynamic localization, to partial brand-control, where partners can select and enhance brand-provided creative with local dialect, events, points of interest, or offers for increased localization and personalization.

Tiger Pistol is the right solution for food & beverage brands that are launching or want to launch high volumes of highly-localized campaigns. See what we can do for your brand.

Five Minutes & Done. An Intuitive Experience for Non-Marketers

Your partners’ time is valuable and most of them aren’t experienced in making marketing choices. Tiger Pistol’s platform is purpose-built for your partners to easily connect their Meta Business Page, and then choose, customize, pay for, and launch professionally-built campaigns in minutes.

Understand Your Markets Like Never Before

Brands and their channel partners want to understand what they’re achieving, and that’s where clarifying analytics come into play. Tiger Pistol’s intelligent insights enable investment tracking at the aggregate, group, and location levels to surface advertising effectiveness and monitor pacing across campaigns. You’ll understand your program’s accomplishments and how to best optimize future social campaigns, and your partners will understand how your investment made a difference specifically for them.

Fully Integrate Your Standing Systems with Tiger Pistol

Tiger Pistol offers full integrations with your listing management partner. This capability allows our platform to sync each partner’s location details. For example, if you use Yext Pages, your partner can use the listed coupon in their campaigns. If a brand manager wants to launch a campaign highlighting patio dining, they simply select those locations. In addition, SSO access support offers extra security and easy access. 

  • SSO access support
  • API enabled for coupon integration
  • Sync your YEXT or Uberall account for listings-powered social advertising

Advertise Through a Decentralized Network

AB InBev sought to bridge the gap between national and on-premise advertising, as well as build and nurture partner loyalty. By using Tiger Pistol’s platform, AB InBev created and published digital advertising campaigns through their decentralized network of local partners and saw a 60% lower cost in their ad spend in the process.

Activate Brands in Local Communities

Nestlè sought to increase reach and drive foot traffic for Nestlè Ricoffy n’ICE at Pick N Pay stores in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. Nestlè South Africa saw a 30% increase in product sales after utilizing Tiger Pistol’s collaborative advertising solution.

Managing Brand Without Micro-Managing Agencies

Tiger Pistol works with Wendy’s social team to create brand-approved templated campaigns that can be easily deployed through Wendy’s local agency teams or franchisees. On the flip side, local teams can now better collaborate with Wendy’s national team through Tiger Pistol’s Workflow Approval Engine, which enables agencies to submit local imagery and messaging for rapid brand approval, ensuring compliance. 


To superpower Wendy’s local social ads, Tiger Pistol integrates its platform with Wendy’s Yext local listing profiles. This integration creates a single source of truth for local store data that can be automatically applied as ad overlays highlight unique restaurant attributes.

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Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.