FAQs: Working at Tiger Pistol

Tiger Pistol is an innovative, social advertising technology company experiencing explosive global growth. Our employees exhibit deep subject matter expertise in digital advertising, business savvy, leadership traits, passion for clients, and competitive nature to drive the business forward. Considering a career at Tiger Pistol? Check out this list of FAQs about our amazing company culture.

Collaboration is our lifestyle at Tiger Pistol. Team members work together to explore and implement the best ways to serve our clients.

How would you define a Tiger Pistol Team Member? 

Tiger Pistol team members are part of an inherently curious culture. We’re not afraid to invent, innovate, and take calculated risks that have made us an industry leader, and it has become our mantra: Curious. Fearless. Ambitious. When others say “no,” we find a path to “yes.” 

What are the hidden opportunities not listed in the job description? 

Every day at Tiger Pistol is truly a chance to excel. Tiger Pistol is committed to creating an environment that is based on the principles of growth mindset, with team members excited to push the bounds of our clients, of one another, and of ourselves. Team members are encouraged to develop and lead new initiatives, and use their natural talents to contribute to company culture, content, product innovation, and client success. Tiger Pistol also encourages every team member to share their expertise and gain visibility as an industry thought leader. 

What are the communication channels like at Tiger Pistol? 

Our leadership team values transparency and addresses big questions, small questions, and everything in between with a conscious understanding of the individual importance of each inquiry. In addition to our open door policy, Tiger Pistol fosters communication and culture through company gatherings, including monthly meetings, weekly happy hours, offsite deep-dives, and team-building volunteerism

What about the day-to-day social aspect of working at Tiger Pistol? 

Team Members are encouraged to create and lead career growth and social clubs, which range from business book club to movie club. Our Slack Channels span every interest, from industry news discussion to sports to astrology. Tiger Pistol employees constantly strive to grow, learn, improve, and win, but never miss the opportunity to positively add to the company’s culture.

What management ideas does your company practice that set you apart from your competition? 

Tiger Pistol Team took their creativity into the kitchen for a collaborative culinary event, complete with instruction by professional chefs!

Our management philosophy is built around accountability, shared vision, and alignment. Our diversity extends to experiences, backgrounds, and approaches, and we empower our team members to raise not only all possible answers, but to continually ask all possible questions. Team members are encouraged to test, try, fail, and revisit. We believe in communicating frequently and repeatedly so that we are transparent in our approach, enabling us to drive forward together as a team. In fostering this innovative culture, we believe change in our organization should be more about launching and growing to perfection, rather than stalling progress. Our customers benefit from our inquisitive nature, knowing the answers will translate to long-term benefits for them.

What are you looking for in your candidates? 

Our company’s legacy is built on successfully delivering “first-evers” that drive client value. Our recruitment efforts are architected to align talent and experience with the company’s aggressive growth, seeking individuals who can rapidly adapt to the ever-changing social ecosystem. We are laser-focused on being the best at what we do. As a company, we are purposely different and unique in digital marketing, as our platform only focuses across the Facebook family of apps at scale. To this end, we know we are not all things to all people, but our strength resides in our team’s deep social advertising expertise and ability to develop key relationships within Facebook’s industry verticals. We look for individuals who are ready to dive deep into the world of Facebook advertising. 

Feel like you’d be a good fit at Tiger Pistol? Check out our Careers Page now.  
FAQs: Working at Tiger Pistol

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