Facebook Marketing pioneer joins Tiger Pistol

In 2011, when Facebook had only 200 million mobile users and no mobile advertising revenue, they acquired a hyper-local mobile advertising start up, Rel8tion, a company Scott co-founded. Fast forward seven years, and in its latest quarterly results Facebook revealed that mobile advertising revenue made up more than 90% of its nearly $12b revenue. What a difference a few years makes.

On his amazing ride contributing to Facebook’s advertising revenue growth, Scott has been exposed to some of the leading innovators and developers across the social, mobile and local marketing landscape.

Steve Hibberd, CEO & Co-founder of Tiger Pistol: “Scott’s incredible experience over nearly a decade helping to drive Facebook’s growth, together with his passion for driving value for ‘local’ business operators make Scott a perfect fit with Tiger Pistol.”

Scott Hannan, ex-Facebook exec and newly appointed Tiger Pistol Advisory Board member: “Tiger Pistol has proven itself as a best in class technology partner, making up for the absence of customized tools and service that exists across most major platforms, and leveraging APIs to provide a scalable solution.”

Working with many of world’s leading local business service providers and multi location brands, Tiger Pistol has created a bridge for local businesses to march over, toward marketing success. I couldn’t be more excited to help further fuel their growth,” Scott said.

“Small and local businesses undoubtedly drive the economy, not to mention being the largest employers – any politician can tell you that. Most of these folks have limited resources and as the world has moved rapidly to mobile, so many need help with modern marketing tools that can leverage the myriad mobile, social, location aware applications.”

While Tiger Pistol has grown rapidly over the past few years, we’ve only just scratched the surface of the larger opportunity, with social local advertising starting to explode. We already enable many of the world’s largest sellers of Facebook ads to local businesses, and now our technology is increasingly being used by multi-location brands. These brands are consistently seeing their local campaigns driving 30%+ better CPX relative to national spend. Given that fewer than 10% of businesses(1)(2) with a Facebook Business Page are advertising consistently the opportunity for Tiger Pistol is immense.

We have plenty of work to do, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome Scott to the team to help us get there.

(1) Facebook, Inc. (FB) Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results Conference Call February 1 st, 2017 – “65 Million Business Pages”.

(2) Facebook, Inc. (FB) Third Quarter 2017 Results Conference Call November 1st, 2017 – “6 Million Advertisers”.

About Tiger Pistol

With key operations in Melbourne, Australia and Austin, Texas, Tiger Pistol delivers high quality results for local businesses via Facebook advertising products at scale. Today, Tiger Pistol’s technology is leveraged by SMB agencies who manage social ads for their independent local business clients, as well as by regional, national and multi-national multi-location brands. Established in 2011, Tiger Pistol now auto creates, publishes, optimizes and reports on thousands of campaigns every day.


Facebook Marketing pioneer joins Tiger Pistol

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