Facebook Announces New Features to Get You Even Closer to Your Customers

Last week, we attended Facebook’s F8 Developers Conference, a future-focused event for developers that revealed new innovations to Facebook’s platform. These Platform and API enhancements will not only make commerce even easier for users on Facebook’s platform, but enable better attribution and tracking of return on advertising spend.

Facebook downplayed its “Town Square” style of community building from News Feed, with a lot more time spent on their efforts to build smaller community connections (Groups) and secure 1:1 communication (Messenger & WhatsApp). With this new focus on more intimate connections, there is an opportunity for businesses and advertisers to participate, particularly with innovations happening in Facebook’s messaging apps. Messenger in particular has had a complete technical overhaul, with the Messenger App start time being improved to become among the fastest of any comparative messaging application and the overall size of the app being reduced to under 30 MB.

The company also revealed that they’re focused on enabling commerce via messaging platforms, including the ability to send payments and book appointments via the Messenger API. For Instagram and retailer connections, Facebook announced an innovative way for consumers to discover new brands via Creators (known as Influencers on other ad platforms), allowing them to advertise products directly in the images of their posts using “Shopping Tags.” Consumers can click to buy tagged items seamlessly and without leaving the platform

All of these new offerings work to build a greater connection between humans and their technology, which means reaching customers and prospects on an even more personal level. The challenge is scaling these new offerings across locations or clients as a multi-location brand, value-added reseller or agency. Learn how Tiger Pistol turns complexity into simplicity, efficiently empowering you to build success with local activation at scale.

Matt Matthias is Director of Business Operations for Tiger Pistol. Sean Carroll is Product Manager for Tiger Pistol. 

Facebook Announces New Features to Get You Even Closer to Your Customers

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