Effortless Onboarding Part 2: Save Time and Energy with the Tiger Pistol Sign Up Tool

In addition to our suite of easy onboarding options, Tiger Pistol offers the Sign Up Tool, an application specifically designed for sales representatives to deliver a quick and user-friendly process to their customers. Whether onboarding face-to-face or via email, the Sign Up Tool facilitates program adoption in under 5 minutes with just a few clicks.

More Efficient Onboarding

A big challenge to scaled social programs is obtaining your partner’s permission to advertise from their local Facebook Page. The Sign Up Tool solves this simply by integrating the Facebook and Instagram Page permissions process. In just 5 clicks, a sales rep can connect the partner’s page, so they’re ready to launch campaigns. This can be done face-to-face or through an email link. With some clients, we’ve seen the permission rates double from before the tool was in use!  

Easier Selling/Adoption

The Sign Up Tool features a potential reach estimate. Sales reps can use this as a proof point to prospects to show their potential reach around their location. There’s also the option to link to documents on the first page of the SUT, so there is an opportunity to feature sell-in collateral or additional supporting information for the reps or end-advertisers themselves. 

Designed Specifically for Sales Reps

Fast and easy, Sales Reps only have to input information on one screen that contains a simple 8 field form requesting the Business Details for the customer. This form only collects base-level information necessary for customer sign-up. The Sign Up Tool does not require a login to use, so it is always accessible on demand. 

Mobile First

The tool is designed to be mobile-first, so it is most optimally used on a tablet or phone to make it easy to use in the field.

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