Model of Engagement

Do It Themselves

Tiger Pistol is the only platform that allows brands to enable their local partners with the right social advertising tools, at scale, so both parties can make the most out of their advertising commitments.

Empower Your Parters While Maintaining Brand Control

Advantages for Brand and Partner

Your Brand Wins
  • Resonate locally in every market
  • Centrally manage all campaign allowances
  • Controls copy, campaign objectives, creative, and default targeting
  • Retain partners by helping drive business to their doors
  • Drive performance to new levels
  • Reduce support hours for partner social advertising
  • Track sales lift for each store ensuring the ROI is tied directly to revenue
  • Create templates that are saved and reusable by partners
  • View brand-level reporting globally, by template, and at the partner level
  • Link to existing systems (SSO, Local Listing Integration, Coupon Integration)
Your Partner Wins
  • Customizable digital advertising that is pre-built by marketing experts
  • Partners can customize and launch campaigns in less than 5 minutes
  • Campaigns launch from local partner Facebook Business Pages with dynamic insertions for unique store information.
  • Run campaigns / post for multiple stores simultaneously
  • Utilize first-party/custom data on campaigns
  • Direct access to easy to understand performance reporting and leads
  • Advertising campaigns are targeted and optimize for their location only
  • Partner grows their online presence and social following

Choose Your Level of Control

Choose what partners can and can’t do on their campaigns, with ability to provide more advanced users additional control over their campaigns.

See how your brand can balance flexibility and control through paid social advertising management for your partners. Request a demo now.

Features Built for Single and Multi-Unit Partners

Ad Library

Saved ad template library enables users to reuse ads or publish ads in bulk for multi-unit owners.

Partners gain access to promote all of their stores from one place. Once set up, they can promote their stores at any time.

Available campaign options display as “Promotions” that partners care about: Driving orders, advertising open positions, new menu items, etc.

Features Built for Single and Multi-Unit Partners

Brand Control Features

Enable brand marketers to set guidelines for local partners, and choose what assets they can (or can’t) use. Set default targeting, and copy, all with fields that lock and unlock.

Drive Partner Satisfaction

By offering a guided step-by-step campaign setup experience that turns any store owner into a performance marketer.

Enterprise Level User Management

Easily create super users for brand team members, limited and guided access for partners, and even read-only reporting access for external stakeholders.

Features Built for Single and Multi-Unit Partners

Enhanced Audience Targeting

Fine-tune your audience to each location yet be able to publish campaigns at scale.

Payment & Funding Flexibility

Share brand and co-op funds, or allow partners to pay for campaigns using a credit card in platform.


Secure & Scalable

Utilize first-party data in partner campaigns without providing direct access, as well as access to our powerful APIs for integration into corporate systems.

A Solution Easy Enough For Non-Marketers

Empower Your Partners Without Risk of Errors

Reporting by End-User, Group, or Region

Accelerating Recruitment for Franchisees

An American Hair Salon Franchise partnered with Tiger Pistol to equip their franchisees with a self-serve social ad solution that enabled the franchisee to launch an on-brand recruitment ad in less than 5 minutes. The brand realized a 56% increase in CTR and a 66% lower cost per click when compared to the industry average for employment ads.

Managing Brand Without Micro-Managing Agencies

Tiger Pistol works with Wendy’s social team to create brand-approved templated campaigns that can be easily deployed through Wendy’s local agency teams or franchisees. On the flip side, local teams can now better collaborate with Wendy’s national team through Tiger Pistol’s Workflow Approval Engine, which enables agencies to submit local imagery and messaging for rapid brand approval, ensuring compliance. 


To superpower Wendy’s local social ads, Tiger Pistol integrates its platform with Wendy’s Yext local listing profiles. This integration creates a single source of truth for local store data that can be automatically applied as ad overlays highlight unique restaurant attributes.

Empower Agents with Digital Advertising Tools

Anywhere Real Estate wanted to empower their network of agents with high-performing, auto-configured, on-brand campaigns that agents could use to promote their listings. With Tiger Pistol’s real estate solution, Anywhere helped their agent network drive over half a million new leads

Learn how you can apply Tiger Pistol's Brand Control capabilities to your industry.


Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.