Digitizing your print coupons with Facebook Offer Ads

There was a time when print marketing was king – when small and large businesses alike jostled for the most consumer attention through print ads and coupons. While traditional forms of marketing are still around, 21st century marketers leverage the benefits of digitizing their print coupons and creating them as Facebook Offers. According to a report by Verve, Facebook users in the US will continue to grow this year to 169.5 million and “is still the most used social network among all age groups, except for teens.” This means businesses can reach more people by advertising on Facebook, and are able to measure that reach more effectively than print.

We all know that Facebook is a critical component of a holistic marketing strategy, so let’s focus on a particular Facebook product that has bridged the gap between offline and online: Offers. Facebook Offers enable marketers to create digital representations of traditional print coupons. Plus, they serve a number of purposes that print coupons cannot:

  1. They’re built to increase interaction with your Facebook Page, encouraging your audience to engage with your ad.
  2. They can persist in the minds of the audience through in-app and email reminders, and the audience can choose to move your ad into their Offers folder, which will set up a reminder schedule – including shortly before offer expiration.
  3. Audiences for Facebook Offers can be customized to balance reach with specificity to help ensure your Offer is seen by the most relevant people. You can specify your preferred audience behaviors, interests and demographics to help maximize relevancy, or better yet, use Custom and Lookalike Audiences.
  4. They make it easy for businesses to measure success with online and offline redemption capabilities.

survey by Valassis in Q3 2016 of 1,000 respondents in the United States found that 90% of respondents use coupons, and 50% of respondents use social networking sites to search for coupons. Leverage the power of Facebook Offers by following these best practice tips:

  • The best Offers are dominated by visually striking ad creatives, the most important of which is the image. Facebook best practices point to images with a clear focal point, not blurry, and only containing 20% or less verbiage/words.
  • The headline and body copy provide advertisers a meaningful way to communicate with their target audience, so make sure to use this real estate to drive offer claims by providing a clear call to action.
  • Include expiration dates (Facebook recommends offers to be seven days in length).
  • Most importantly, advertisers must adhere to Facebook’s Ad Policy. In case you missed some of our previous blog posts, Facebook has been cracking down on who can advertise, what they can advertise, and how they target their ads.

If you’re a multi-location brand and are ready to start running Offers for your Locations, Help Center today to see how you can leverage the Tiger Pistol Platform to publish 1000’s of localized ads in minutes.

Patrick Koepke is an Operations Manager over the Shared Services Team in Austin, TX. He is a digital native and passionate about the Tiger Pistol mission.

Digitizing your print coupons with Facebook Offer Ads

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