Social Advertising Best Practices


Social advertising copy should reflect the offers and business goals of the campaign.

Copy Basics

There are three places where copy always appears on Facebook ads:

    • Headlines
    • Body copy
    • Link Descriptions

How to Write Effective Copy

The right message can help your ad stand out. Copy should be written in a cohesive way that supports the ad’s objective.

To write effective copy, we recommend the following:

    • The headline should hook users in and drive them headfirst into your goal.
    • Direct the user to take a specific action at least once; then, reinforce it with a call to action button.
    • Highlight the key selling point of what is being advertised at least once. The “Key Selling Point” is the value proposition (of the product or service). 
    • Keep copy as short as possible while including necessary information.
    • Revise, revise, revise! Write your message, take a break, then come back to it with fresh eyes to make sure it is clear, effective, and grammatically sound.

Text overlays on image and video ads draw attention to an important part of your ad’s message. The overlay should not obstruct the visual. There is no specific best practice for text overlay character limit, but we recommend sticking to 25 characters or less.

Personal Attributes Policy

Meta doesn’t allow advertisers to run ads that assert or imply the personal attributes of the viewer of an ad, such as their race or age. The following table outlines common violations of this policy.



You or Your

“Hate your wireless provider? Join ours now.”

Adjectives Posed as Questions

Broke? Bankrupt? We can help.”

Other or Like You 

“Meet Hufflepuffs like you.”

Direct Use of User’s Name

James, get a shirt with your name!”

Excessive Punctuation, Letters, Numbers, or Emojis

“You’ll looooove our new curly fries!!!!”

Numbers and Letters in a Non-Traditional Way

“Get a FR33 con$ult@tion today!”

Too Many Capitalized Letters


Actual or Implied Profanity

“Tired of ***** cell service? Try ours.”

Exaggerated Language

“Complete this survey and win $1,000!”

Unfounded or Unrealistic Claims About Results

“Our diet pills reduce bloating and fatigue.”

Claims of Results within a Specific Timeframe

“Lose 20lbs in one month or less.”

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