Top Reseller Questions About Social Advertising

Which is the most profitable social media product?

There are two high level categories of Social products being offered by Media Resellers of varying types,
Social Bundles (comprising content posting, social monitoring, and Ads) and stand alone Social Ads.

Social Bundles can appear more profitable on the surface as less of what the customer pays will go to
media i.e. Facebook. However, they can end up being less profitable and less scalable when taking into account the cost of labor required for fulfillment.

Social Ads products can ultimately deliver greater profit when utilizing automated solutions that allow
you to offer a highly scalable Social product that ultimately provides much greater breadth of price points and
grows revenues by earning more of the end customer’s spend on media that drives ROI.

What role do you see traditional media (ex: radio) playing as a compliment to Social advertising? If
you see any role at all…

The discovery nature of Social helps it to work very well with other media – traditional and online
Reinforcing messaging and leveraging the direct response Ad formats on Facebook to drive conversion
as well as awareness. The combination of traditional media and Facebook should lead to a lift in the
performance of the Facebook campaign.

How many Ads would you recommend to build out per Ad Group, as a best practice, using
Facebook’s Power Editor for agencies?

As you can only have one Objective per campaign, this means that the number of Ad Sets is determined by how many objectives the advertiser has, and the number of audience segments. We recommend creating different Ad Sets for each audience, limiting your Ad Sets competing against each other. For SMBs with budgets ranging from $50 – $100 per month, we recommend using 2-3 A/B testing Ad Variations within each Ad Set. This ensures A/B testing can still be undertaken and learnings from each Campaign able to be applied to the next, continuously improving results.

Is there such a thing as too many or too few objectives in an ad campaign? What is a best practice?

Our recommendation would be to set very clear expectations with the end customer as to what their Facebook Ad campaign will produce by way of results, and for this to be lined up with a single objective, be it getting form fill leads, generating maximum reach and frequency in their local area, or driving traffic or conversions to their website. Facebook bidding types allow you to optimize towards these specific performance metrics as well as impressions, so you can ensure your Ad is being seen by the audience most likely to take your desired action.

What time frame do you typically look to run ads for? Is it best to condense the ad spend into a week, or let campaigns run for a month or longer?

It is important to note that the time frame of an Ad Campaign is largely dependent on budget. That said, we recommend running an Ad Campaign over 3-4 weeks, using day parting (choosing the time of day) to ensure the ads are in market when our target audience is most likely to be on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook allows Ads to be run with as little as $1 a day, and we’ve seen great results using similar numbers. Please get in contact for Case Studies.

What are SMB expectations of the outcome of their social media investment – engagement, leads, etc.?

SMBs expect the same outcomes as any business would – that their media is spent effectively to drive revenue. We know how hard it can be to prove ROI without actual sales or conversion numbers, so we’ve made sure every Partner and Reseller end-customer receives clear reporting to show where their money is being spent and what the results were.

Fortunately, Facebook allows Tiger Pistol to report on exact numbers of Leads through Form Fill Ads, exact numbers of website traffic through Website Click and Conversion Ads, and exact numbers of impressions, reach and frequency across the board.

What about building social media pages?

It’s a requirement of Facebook that advertisers have a Business Page in order to run Newsfeed and Mobile Ads as well as to access all ad formats to maximize the value delivered for the end customer. Currently, there is less emphasis on building a Page to build a community of followers, since Facebook is continually proving that you don’t need a Fan in order to drive a conversion.

However, depending on the business and what they are trying to achieve through Social, building an engaged following can be an added benefit. We don’t recommend putting media towards building a fanbase. We do recommend, however, putting media spend towards the audiences that are most likely to drive an outcome for the business.

Can you elaborate on suggested solutions on how to simplify the permissioning process via email? Don’t you need the URL to the advertiser’s FB page?

In short, Facebook requires the Business Pages admin to provide page management permissions through their OAuth process. It’s usually a 7-step process that is so heavily influenced by the end customer’s knowledge of how to accept permissions that it becomes tedious and often irritating for the end customer.

However, Tiger Pistol’s whitelist status allows for one click permissions via a simple Connect to Facebook button that is most often delivered via email, with an additional click to select the relevant page if the end customer is an admin on multiple pages. Today, this is unique to us in the Small Business space, and dramatically simplifies the critical permissions granting process to enable newsfeed and mobile advertising.

What areas does Tiger Pistol add value to your re-sellers? In other words, most FB campaigns can be managed by the client, and/or their agency.

Tiger Pistol brings to partners high quality execution of Facebook & Instagram Ads at scale. Quality leads to strong results and customer satisfaction. While the smart, data-driven automation that underpins scalability leads to profitability advantages, market differentiation and enablement of a significant new line of business.

Some tactical advantages that come from working closely with Facebook on their SMB playbook are:

Unique in the Small Business space, Tiger Pistol is whitelisted by Facebook for ’one-click’ permissions, dramatically simplifying critical permissioning to enable newsfeed & mobile advertising.
Whitelisting for Facebook’s Pages API, with automated Facebook Page creation.
Access to Facebook’s private API to track ‘Offline Conversions’.

Five tips for a successful campaign on Facebook

With Father’s Day falling on 6 September this year, Australian online retailers are actively using social media platforms such as Facebook to take advantage of the bump in customer spending.