Social Advertising Best Practices

Call to Action

Call-to-Action buttons drive consumers to take the action stated in your ad copy.

The Basics

A call to action (CTA) is a piece of text presented as a button on an ad. It prompts users to take an action related to the ad’s objective.

Unlike the other text portions of ads, CTAs are not fully customizable and instead must be chosen from a list of presets.

Available CTAs

These are the available calls to action for Tiger Pistol’s objectives.

How to Choose a Call to Action

CTAs should reflect the ad’s copy and the action being asked of the audience, as well as the ad’s objective and consider the likelihood of the audience to meet that objective. Non-committal calls to action such as “Learn More” are generally best for traffic objectives like clicks, whereas specific CTAs such as “Shop Now” are better for conversions.

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