Advanced Insights & Reporting

Centralize, analyze, and surface patterns across your local partners’ social campaigns in a single, interactive dashboard.

Holistically View Thousands of Campaign Metrics in One Dashboard

Tiger Pistol’s advanced reporting dashboards provide a consolidated source for real-time campaign data from local partner participating in your social program.

Consolidate Fragmented Data

Efficiently consolidate to easily visualize, connect, and explore local social campaign data in real-time


Cross-filter data across time frame, campaign objectives, or locations to compare performance and inform decision-making

Optimize With Confidence

Understand your program’s performance and how best to optimize future campaigns

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Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.