4 Stats That Prove Hyper- Local Targeting is the Winning Formula

From the outside, hyper-targeting your advertisements might seem like it takes a lot of unnecessary time and effort. But imagine this dream scenario: Your content is getting delivered to your ideal consumers, who respond positively by turning clicks into immediate purchases and future recommendations to their friends. Sounds wonderful, right? We’re about to present some key stats to persuade you to try hyper-targeting your company’s ads today.

1. 71% of consumers want personalized advertisements.

According to a recent consumer study by Marketing Dive, the majority of social media users prefer seeing ads targeted to their interests and daily life. For instance, a newly engaged woman would likely enjoy seeing content from wedding gown designers, local photographers and upscale florists, because these pages are relevant to her upcoming nuptials. Unsurprisingly, Marketing Dive also found that these targeted ads were successful in boosting consumer engagement.

2. 68% of Instagram users engage regularly with brands.

Instagram is a small business owner’s dream, especially after the recent algorithm changes on Facebook. Creating hyper-targeted ads on this platform works in a company’s favor because Instagram users are already primed to engage with marketing content. Just take a look at SelfStartr’s infographic: Instagram has 58 times more engagement than Facebook, but only 36% of marketers use Instagram. Time to get over there!

3. Hyper-local targeting on Pinterest has raised click-through rates by 50%.

Adweek reported at the end of 2017 that Pinterest was trying out “super-targeted ads,” which were succeeding with flying colors both at boosting clicks and lowering cost-per-click by 20% for big-name companies like Nordstrom. Because Pinterest’s net value is soaring by millions each year, perhaps you should pin your marketing strategy to theirs in 2018.

4. Online users only spend an average of 37 seconds reading an article.

The global citizens of today’s fast-paced world have limited attention spans. To ensure you catch the right demographic’s attention and sustain it, hyper-targeting your ads is the golden gateway to success.

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