3 Strategies to Kill It on Facebook Even After the Algorithm Change


Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced back in January 2018 that the newsfeeds of the social network’s 2.3 billion users had gotten personal. Content from businesses, publishers, and brands sank down the page to prioritize posts from friends and family, thus creating a more social and intimate online experience.

Consequently, Facebook’s latest algorithm change is being heralded by small businesses and startups as a social media apocalypse. But is the outlook really that bleak? The short answer is no. As a company on Facebook, you can still successfully use this platform as a marketing tool, although the stakes are higher now. Keep reading to learn our top three tricks for outsmarting this social media algorithm.

  1. Focus on Creating Meaningful, People-Driven Content

Mathematical equations don’t read Facebook — humans do! If your content game has been lacking prior to now, it’s time to step it up. Ensure that your marketing team is crafting fun, relatable, and on-brand content that entices consumers to click on your links and share the content with others. If Facebook belongs to the people now, give the people what they want, so they’ll spread your message for you and attract new users to your page.

  1. Encourage Customers to Like Your Page

Ask your customers directly to “like” your Facebook page. This step ensures that your posts will continue to appear in their newsfeeds, especially if they select the option “See First” from your page’s drop-down menu. Once you have your audience’s attention, you can direct them to your additional platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram (which haven’t undergone the same upheavals as Facebook) and suggest they sign up for your company newsletter.

  1. Take the Paid Ads Route

Paid ads on Facebook aren’t going anywhere. Despite the new algorithm, these advertisements continue to spring up like daisies in newsfeeds across the world. To ensure your business continues to gain Facebook exposure, it’s worthwhile to allocate some funds in your marketing budget toward paid ads.


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