Rapidly deploy best-practice Facebook Ads at scale

What is Tiger Pistol?

Tiger Pistol is a high volume Facebook Ad optimization platform used by leading SMB resellers to create, deploy and manage high-performance Facebook and Instagram ads at scale.

What is the Tiger Pistol platform?

How do we integrate with Facebook?

Tiger Pistol Facebook Marketing Partner

Tiger Pistol is working with Facebook to enable SMB resellers to rapidly enter the market with a best-practice and highly scalable product offering. Working with both public and private API’s, along with multiple Facebook teams, there is a focus on Tiger Pistol maintaining close alignment with Facebook’s SMB product roadmap.

Why our partners choose Tiger Pistol?


As a Facebook Marketing Partner & Ads API Developer we experience high levels of engagement with Facebook. Our partnership enables early access to product roadmaps and private APIs, increasing our speed to market of new ad platform features.


Experience from 5 years delivering meaningful business results for SMBs at scale. We advise industry best practices on product, pricing, service models and ‘go to market’ decisions.


With over 17,000 campaigns published monthly, our partners rely on technology that can deploy and optimize ads at scale. Features such as our streamlined permissions process accelerates customer onboarding, ultimately delivering faster results for SMB customers.

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The #1 Facebook Ads platform for SMB resellers

Directories | Media Companies | Agencies | Direct Marketers | Financial Services | Online Service Providers

Our pure-play social ads solution is engineered to create sustainable, strong-margin revenue streams for our partners by delivering quality results for their customers – at scale. We understand what matters for our partners​.



We leverage proprietary data and 5 years experience dealing directly with SMBs to meet the objectives and drive results for your customers.



Our platform uses data-driven automation to dramatically reduce dependencies on human inputs and optimize performance at scale.

Facebook Partner

Facebook Partner

Having worked closely with Facebook since 2013, Tiger Pistol is a Facebook Marketing Partner working with multiple public and private API’s.



Partners love our values-driven culture. We’re easy to work with, experienced, and passionate about delivering meaningful results for your end customers.

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Social Advertising: How SMBs are fuelling the growth in online advertising

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A complete solution. Purpose-built for partners.

Rapidly integrate Facebook and Instagram ads into your product portfolio and start scaling social revenues – backed by our 5 years of experience delivering social marketing solutions for small businesses at scale.


We’ve partnered with Facebook to develop a streamlined permissions process, that helps onboard customer accounts faster.


Integration with full suite of Facebook and Instagram ad types* including Lead Ads, Website Conversions and Local Awareness. (*Offers product coming soon)


Optimized campaigns are auto configured using the ‘right’ objective, and small business category type.


Via pixels on websites and landing pages, or databases within CRM accounts, Tiger Pistol will build Custom and Lookalike Audiences to enhance Facebook’s already powerful targeting capabilities.


Automatically generated A/B testing variations are monitored in real time, with spend auto adjusted based on variation performance.


Leverage 5 years of experience focused on meaningful business outcomes for SMB’s to support your product, pricing and ‘go to market’ planning.

What are best practice
Facebook and Instagram Ads?

  • All SMB relevant Facebook Ad products
  • Whitelisted streamlined permissions process
  • All placements – mobile, desktop and Instagram
  • Auto generated A/B testing variations
  • Custom & Lookalike audiences
  • ‘Real-time’ budget optimization

Tiger Pistol Facebook Ad Optimization

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